Cranes for mold loading into plastic injection molding machines

For the plastics sector and for industrial maintenance.
//Cranes for mold loading into plastic injection molding machines

Mini cranes for mold loading into plastic injection molding machines

Mini cranes for presses with clamping forces up to 50.000 kg.

Our mini cranes are easy to maneuver into places where conventional lifting equipment just can’t do the job.

The proper solution for absolute precision positioning of press moulds during lifting operations. Ideal for plastic injection producers and aluminium foundries. Top of the range, it is the expression of the most advanced hi tech, thanks to which GT cranes has strengthened its position as market leader.

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  • Payload and working radius 100% calibrated according to: type of press, height over columns, mould size
  • Perfect load verticality in every telescopic boom position: maximum precision, zero sway even in the final centring phase
  • Steady mould lifting throughout the lifting operation at any height when complying with the maximum payload limits
  • Instrument panel/wireless remote control: proportional and simultaneous movement control. Remote mould changes, maximum operator safety, millimetric centring Customizable telescopic boom reach: mould changes both in a transversal and frontal position relative to the press
  • Patented roll-over protection system: automatic “overload” shutdown
  • Overall dimensions: 50% less than standard forklifts and cranes with a comparable lifting capacity.


The entire range of GT cranes machines is certified according to the following international standards:


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